Framed Mirrors as Home Décor

Brighten your day and your room with framed mirrors. If you have a small room, mirrors can add dimension and extra space in an instant. Several well-placed mirrors can also multiply the gorgeous outside views. In addition, mirrors can serve as wall accents, adding visual impact to your room.

Here are ways you can use framed mirrors as home décor:

  • Accent piece. Take an oversized framed rectangular mirror and hang it as the room’s accent piece. As a showpiece, you should get a framed mirror with extra-wide frames that feature elaborate molding. This over-the-top piece can add an instant wow factor to a room. You can hang the mirror on the wall, or if you are concerned about the considerable weight of the frame, you can also lean the oversized mirror against the wall.
  • A pop of gleam and color. If you feel that your walls are a bit drab, you can get an ornately framed mirror (with extra-wide frames) and paint a bright color on it. Then, hang it over the sofa. This makes for an instant conversation starter.
  • Framed mirror gallery. Instead of photos and artwork, why not display a series of framed mirrors? After all, you are giving your viewer a look at something they find interesting – their reflections. Purchase a collection of ornately framed mirrors in different shapes but in similar designs and finish. A plain wall will look instantly stunning with a series of gold or silver gilded framed mirrors. Of course, you can have more visual impact if you make use of smaller mirrors. This means you will need more of the mirrors to fill the space.
  • Instant window. If you would like to have more windows in the room, why not hang a series of rectangular framed mirrors right across the window. You can hang this so that it looks like the windows. These mirrors will reflect the view from outside of the window, bringing the outside into the room and also providing the illusion that you have more windows.
  • One of the elements in a wall display. If you do not want symmetry or uniformity but rather would like the ‘organized mess’ of a bohemian display, you can use a small framed round mirror to tie up the whole thing. Other elements include monogram letters, wooden and plaster busts, chalkboard quotes, oil paintings and so on. A word of warning, though. This kind of display can be challenging to pull off. You need a bit of confidence for you to try a display that is unconventional.
  • Mirror at the kitchen sink. If you would like to have a window over the sink, but your space does not allow you to have one, hang a framed mirror right above the sink. This does double duty as it multiplies the light and also allows anyone who is preparing the food or washing the dishes to keep an eye on the children playing in the living room.
  • Deck décor. The relaxing atmosphere of your backyard or deck can be enhanced by an oversized framed oval mirror. The mirror serves to reflect your garden’s key features. The mirror can also be the highlight in itself. If space is an issue, you can simply hang this on a tree or the fence. 
1st Nov 2016 Eric Morgan

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