Great Ways to Display Treasured Photos

Have fun with your picture displays!

There are oh, so many ways to showcase family photos. You can even have fun doing these displays. To start, only choose digital prints for the following suggestions, since these are not what you might call archival preservation display techniques.

Picture frame clock. Take a standard wall clock, remove the base and cover so that the clock’s hands are exposed. You can change the background into something that complements your wall. You can attach photos directly to the wall or use small picture frames to stand for the time of the day.

Decals or artwork and frame combination. If you are the creative type, you can draw around picture frames that are already hung on the wall. One idea is to get small vintage picture frames and place them in strategic areas. You can then draw a whimsical picture of a tree or do some calligraphy. Another option is to use wall decals that have already been designed for this purpose.

Photo ledges. Get a display tool that can let you change your display whenever the mood takes you. You just simply lay the picture frames against the wall while a lip at the outer edge keeps the frame from falling off. You can layer the frames to add a sense of depth. You can also add other elements such as framed mirrors, flower vases or figurines.

Chalkboard. Turn a wall into a chalkboard with some chalkboard paint. Or, if this is not something you can do, get an oversized antique picture frame, remove the glazing and paint the backing with chalkboard paint. Get some white or colored chalk to draw picture frames for the photos you will be taping onto the chalkboard.

Clothesline display. Take some twine or silver wire and attach this securely from end to end on the wall. You can take some vintage wooden clothespins or colored bull clips and hang the photos on your “clothesline.”

Photo clipboard. Another version of the clothesline display would be to hang the pictures in DIY clipboards instead of a clothesline. Take some decorative boards cut into squares. You can paint this with wood stain or with a solid color of your choosing. Attach metal clips at the upper edge of the boards. Position these clips so that there will be some proportion of the exposed areas once the photo is clipped onto the board. Then, hang these wood boards on the wall.

Strings and bull clips. As they say, people have their heartstrings connected to the other loved ones. Illustrate this concept with some string and bull clips. Take some sturdy pushpins and pin these on strategic areas on the wall. Then take your string and wound these around the pushpins so that you create lines and geometric patterns. You can also aim towards creating a specific shape such as a heart. Then clip photo printouts on selected areas on the strings.

Corner display. There are specially-designed corner frames that bend at a 90-degree angle, for an interesting display. This type of frame works best for panoramic photos. Choose an area in your house that could use some visual impact, such as the corner of the wall dividing the living room from the dining area or stairway.

Photos on fabric. You can use transfer paper to move selected photos onto plain muslin fabric. Then, you can sew the fabric into throw pillows, potpourri sachets or into lampshade covers.

Jigsaw puzzle. There are companies that transform your photos into jigsaw puzzles. You can have your fun putting the pieces together and then you can have it framed and displayed.

Christmas tree ornaments. Get into the Christmas spirit by creating your own framed ornaments. Choose small round gold or silver picture frames and frame small printouts. You can also get some two-inch strips gold or silver paper, fold the strips as you would a paper fan and then glue these strips on the back so that you create a medallion-like ornament. These make for highly personalized Christmas ornaments.

Of course, if you have precious and irreplaceable photos, it is best to use picture frames. These frames provide a considerable level of protection for these priceless photos. You can also use antique picture frames with these photos; these frames are works of art in themselves.

7th Dec 2016 Eric Morgan

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