How to Decorate without Damaging your Walls

When it comes to temporary living (i.e., rental property, military base housing, dorm rooms, etc.), there are typically a number of rules and guidelines that are strictly enforced. For the most part, leaving behind any kind of damage is frowned upon, and you are likely to be hit with hefty fines and other repercussions. To avoid a headache at move-out for holes in your walls, think about creating your space using removable wall décor and other non-damaging home decorating ideas.

Whether it is a short or long-term lease, or if it is your “forever home,” there are many creative and easy ways to decorate your space with little to no damage to your walls. Rentals, though temporary, can and should still feel like home—a place where you can be comfortable and enjoy your everyday surroundings. Consider the following the next time you find yourself in a new space and want to make it a “home” without damaging your walls:

Create a Gallery Wall. Gallery walls are a simple and chic way to fill a space while bringing interest to your room. Choose frames in varying sizes, shapes and colors to display artwork, photos and posters. For an eclectic look, mix it up with varying styles by using vintage picture frames combined with sleek silver and/or round frames. Use 3M hooks and/or strips to attach the frames to the walls for easy removal when it comes time to move or if you want to change things up now and then.

Removable Decals and Vinyl Artwork. Whether you choose a favorite quote, geometric shape or simple artwork, removable wall decals are a great way to decorate your space without any damaging effects. There are many great options available for purchase in craft and other home decorating stores, or you can easily customize your decal design now with vinyl printing machines. This is a great option also for nurseries and other rooms in your home that you may find yourself wanting to update and change after a few years. For a bold statement, there is even removable wallpaper that can completely transform your room, but that will peel off clean at the end of the stay with little effort.

Poster Art. For dorm rooms and other casual spaces, consider hanging items that help you feel inspired by surrounding yourself with some of your favorite things. Hang posters of your favorite musical artists, artwork, inspirational quotes or magazines using removable poster strips. If it is a small space, you could combine the poster with other elements to create more of a gallery wall, complete with all of your favorite things.

Prop Items. If you have a shelf or ledge in your space, instead of hanging items on the walls, consider simply propping framed photos or artwork, a large mirror or decorative item against the wall or bookshelf. Not only will you save your walls from damaging holes, but you can easily change things out as you see fit while creating various levels of interest in your space.

5th Jul 2017 Eric Morgan

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