Perfect Hostess Gifts

The invitation to party arrives in the mail. The date gets circled on the calendar. The perfect outfit is found, and the babysitter is booked. Now it’s time to find the perfect hostess gift to thank the hostess for her hospitality. Here are some great ideas to consider.

  • Stationary. Choose beautiful stationary embossed with your hostess’s monogram.
  • Candy. Indulge the party-thrower’s sweet tooth with a plateful of delicious homemade candy, or visit a local candy shop to find a delicious serving of sugary treats.
  • Photographs. Frame pretty landscape photos or funny quotes in vintage picture frames. Print out pictures which highlight your relationship with the hostess and frame inside a beautiful oval frame.
  • Serving Tray. A lovely serving tray filled with delectable homemade treats is guaranteed to bring a smile to your hostess and their party guests.
  • Candle. Find long tapered candles and gift with matching candle holders. This gift can be added to a tablescape immediately. Or bring a pleasant smelling candle which will bring additional light and warmth to your hostess’s home.
  • Book. If your host is a reader, there’s no better gift than a book you’ve just read and enjoyed. A coffee table book full of lovely pictures is also a great present.
  • Gift card. Write a hand-written thank you card and include a gift card inside the envelope. The gift card can be to a local bakery, fun restaurant or an online outlet.
  • A Bouquet of Flowers. Flowers are the classic hostess present. Contain them in anything as fancy as crystal vase to as simple as a mason jar. Adorn the container with flowers and present with a smile.
  • Board Game. Give a gift which will give their family pleasure over and over again. Choose a board game which your family particularly enjoys, and it will give everyone an excuse to gather together again for another party.
  • Linens. Find a soft and cozy chenille throw and wrap it in a thick ribbon for a gift your friend will thank you for every chilly evening. Gift cloth napkins with a tray of muffins or cookies. Monogrammed hand towels are sure to delight your hostess as well.
  • Plant. For those with a green thumb in your life, a plant is always a welcome addition. Choose a plant which is relatively easy to care for and isn’t toxic to young guests.

Hosts put much time and effort into preparing a party for their guests. Make sure they know you are appreciated. Gift likes these will guarantee that you will be invited back for another party very soon. 

7th May 2017 Eric Morgan

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