Quick and Easy Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathroom

In some places, the bathroom is called the “comfort room”? The bathroom is a personal space that can be imbibed with beauty and character, making it a haven inside your home. Your bathroom need not be a utilitarian and plain section of your home – you can express your unique style and flair with these simple tips:

  • Incorporate a small table near the toilet. A small open-based table placed beside the toilet can be a great spot to place toiletries or magazines without giving the bathroom a closed-off feel. A wooden stool will also serve the same purpose. Choose a table or stool that fits your design aesthetic, depending on whether you are going for a classically elegant or a contemporary look.
  • Add a colorful tray full of quirky décor and toiletries. Choose a distinctive, statement tray and fill it with items that display your individuality. Place an antique mirrored hairbrush, uniquely shaped soaps, as well as mini-bottles of lotions, perfumes, hairspray and other toiletries. You can also have decorative items such as figurines, candles, pretty bottles and plants (artificial flowers and cacti will do).
  • Decorate with frames. Enhance the room’s visual impact by hanging a series of picture frames on one wall. Depending on the theme, you can go with vintage picture frames in white and pastel hues, or sleek modern black ones.
  • Replace the shower curtains with clear glass doors. The “open plan” bathroom widens up the space, making the shower feel more incorporated with the rest of the bathroom.
  • Go big on mirrors. This provides an instant brightening effect. Place an oversized framed mirror right above the bathtub and bathroom sink. With the additional illumination, you can afford to go dark and elegant on other items such as the bathtub and walls. In fact, you can try incorporating more mirrors to give the room an illusion of spaciousness. One way to do this is to have a gallery display of mirrors above the sink. Get a number of mismatched vintage mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes to combine elegance and a sense of fun.
  • Consider the use of oval framed mirrors. If the visitors’ height and the bathroom space is an issue, framed oval mirrors are a great solution. By hanging it vertically, you don’t eat a lot of wall space but still allow the users of various heights full use of the mirror.
  • Install ledges in strategic places. For a small bathroom without a built-in vanity, you can opt to go vertically rather than horizontally. Make the most of your walls by placing picture frame ledges in selected portions of the bathroom, such as right above the sink, above the toilet or above the towel rack. These ledges can hold toiletries and decorative items without eating up on the bathroom’s floor space.
  • Incorporate colors using towels. Roll up colorful towels and place them in a basket or above a shelf. This provides the room with character and brightness.
  • Add a bold sign. Go bold and attention grabbing with signs that have distinctive typography. This can be stenciled directly on the wall, written using calligraphy letters on a piece of metal board or an antique sign you found in a flea market. This reflects your values and also adds to the aesthetics of the room.
  • Manage clutter with small storage. Although you are putting in personal touches all around the bathroom, do not do this to the point that the room becomes too cluttered. Believe us, bathrooms quickly get cluttered as they are used. Keep the clutter under control by inserting storage tools. For instance, you can tuck a chest of drawers under the sink or place one at a corner. This can serve as the storage area for toiletry supplies, towels and other bathroom accessories. You can also use shower caddies and baskets.
24th Feb 2017 Eric Morgan

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