Revamping The Look of Your Walls

Are you bored with how your walls look like? We all need some change from time to time – and this includes perhaps changing a bit of our environment. You can instantly alter the “aura” and energy of the room – shifting from energized and active to relaxed and laidback (or the other way around). A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can work. However, if you want to add more oomph to your walls, picture frames can provide a quick and easy solution for a fresh, new and interesting look.

Here are some ways you can renovate your wall space:

  • Reframe your current art collection. You may be surprised at how differently your artwork will look when it is reframed. You can place it in a frame with a different molding design, finish and size. You can get rid of your old metal picture frames and replace them with classic wood picture frames. Consider adding new matting or more layers of matting for additional visual effect. The new frames can be your quick and easy version of a makeover – changing the look and feel of your walls from a old world atmosphere to a more modern and contemporary vibe. However, you need to ensure that the new frames complement the artwork.
  • Add picture ledges. For those who want more texture and variety to a wall display, picture ledges provide a good solution. For one, you can now more easily change your wall display whenever you fancy. When installing picture frame ledges, take space constraints and weight issues in consideration. The ledges need to have enough space in between them to feature wider or bigger frames and items. These ledges should also be strong enough to bear the weight of the items you placed inside them. Also, make sure that the ledge is finished in a color and tone that complements other similar items in the room (such as the color of the bookshelves or the wood molding in the corners that meet the walls and the ceilings). You can use a number of empty vintage picture frames in one color motif or shape and layer them one against the other. You can also add more items such as flower vases, small sculptures and monogram letters.
  • Add framed mirrors. Emphasize the beauty that is already in the room by placing a grid or gallery of mirrors in one wall. These framed mirrors can have the same size or shape for a “cleaner” look. For a more eclectic collection, you can have a variety of shapes and finishes for your frames (i.e. gold leaf, glossy, metallic, matte, etc.). You can also consider adding some mirrors that feature convex glass for more texture.
  • Add new wallpaper. Rather than going “whole hog” with a new wallpaper design, you can test the waters by framing portions of the wallpaper using several oversized antique picture frames. Framing the wallpaper can allow you decide how you like the new wallpaper.
  • Insert more photos. Your existing wall gallery may feel dated. There may be recent family events, as well as additions, that should be included in your wall display, since they have become part of your family history. Or, you may want to go back deeper to your roots and showcase old family photos (i.e. your grandparent’s wedding portrait, along with your and your parent’s portraits). These may be priceless and attention-grabbing photos that you have kept hidden in your files or in your photo boxes. These “new” photos can serve as great conversation starters for you and your visitors. 
11th Apr 2016 Eric Morgan

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