Shabby Chic Vintage Picture Frame Ideas

The shabby chic style denotes an effortless and comfortably-worn style that gives off a warm and relaxed atmosphere. It would be a style that one would envision in a tastefully decorate country-cabin or beach house. It primarily uses white and pastel colors, with bright colors as accents. This style mainly uses vintage items such as picture frames.

How do you use vintage picture frames for a shabby chic-styled home?

You can use vintage picture frames with an antique white finish. You can also take a colored frame, paint white over it and then sand the frame down so that the color shows through, to give the frame a “worn out” look.

Here are a few ways you can use a vintage picture frame for your shabby chic home:

  • Empty frames as wall décor. Get an oval picture frame with Victorian-style molding. Invariably, this will feature elaborate designs and beadings along the edges of the frame. Get a frame that has no glazing and backing. When mounted on the wall, this can provide a lovely accent. You can also group empty frames of different shapes and sizes (but ideally the same color and Victorian design) and arrange these on a picture ledge or shelf. Have the empty frames overlap each other for more texture and volume.
  • Frame a love letter. Do you have an old love letter written by your grandfather to your grandmother? One that uses flowing and artistic script? This can be a treasure that can be displayed using a vintage picture frame. Another option is to frame a well-loved quotation.
  • Hang a frame with lace. Laceis also a popular element in the shabby chic style. Get a white round picture frame and instead of hanging it using its existing hardware, attach the ends of a piece of white lace on either side of the frame, near the top. Hang this on a hook by tying a ribbon on top. You can use this style to hang a set of round picture frames in one wall. When choosing the frames, make sure that these are small enough for the lace to support the weight of the frames. Another option is to use hemp instead of lace.
  • Use a mirrored frame. This time, you can use a white, silver-trimmed wood frame with a mirror inside. Hang this over the foyer as a warm welcome to guests entering your shabby chic home.
  • Frame a chalkboard. Have the frame’s wood backing painted with chalkboard paint. The simplicity of the chalkboard gives a wonderful counterpoint to the ornate embellishments of a vintage picture frame. Try your hand at chalk calligraphy by writing down a motto or inspirational quote on the board using white or colored chalk. The advantage is that you can change the contents whenever the mood takes you.
  • Frame your monogram. This can be a great way to decorate your front or bedroom door. Get a white vintage picture frame without the glazing. Cover the backing with a pastel print. Find a letter made of wood cuttings or thick illustration board. This letter (which is painted with the same shade as the frame) is placed in the middle of the frame. Another option is to frame letter such as “You & me” or “family”.
  • Make a frame jewel rack. For your bedroom, get an empty vintage frame and add some painted chicken wire. Add hooks so that you can hang your necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • Create a shabby chic key holder. Get an empty square or rectangular vintage frame. The frame should not be too big that you have a lot of empty and unutilized space. Install some hooks on the top inside edge of the frame’s molding. The hooks should be evenly spaced. Another variation is to leave the frame as is and install the hooks at a 90-degree angle at the lower side of the frame.
28th Sep 2014 Eric Morgan

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