Sprucing Up Your Bathroom With Picture Frames and Mirrors

On a limited budget? You don’t have to get the sledgehammer out and start pounding away on your walls! You can give your bathroom an updated and upgraded look with highly affordable home accessories such as picture frames and framed mirrors.

Here are some ways to achieve a unique or elegant look for your bathroom:

  • Add a chalkboard. Remember the temptation to vandalize the bathroom walls? Why not allow yourself and visitors to enjoy some “vandalism” in the bathroom. Add an oversized frame, paint the backing board with chalkboard paint and position it just above the sink or right in front of the toilet. You can use an empty contemporary or antique picture frame. Be sure to supply some colored chalk.
  • Add framed mirrors. If you have a double sink, rather than having one large mirror to cover the entire wall space, separate the sinks by placing identically framed mirrors above each of them. This allows you to play around with the background. You can incorporate the chalkboard idea here, do a DIY mosaic tile project or update the color of the back wall. You can also go one step further and experiment on how four or five different-sized framed round mirrors will work when hung as a gallery display right above the sink. This gallery display can serve both as the focal point of the bathroom, as well as to provide the user with the opportunity to check his appearance.
  • Place a framed mirror at an angle. If you have a small bathroom where the sink sits in one corner, try placing the framed mirror so that it is one end is supported by one wall while the other end is supported by the adjacent wall. This follows the direction of the sink at the corner. The 45-degree angle placement of the mirror will serve to reflect the walls. Try adding bold and colorful wallpaper to maximize the effect of the mirror placed at this angle.
  • Hang a frame above the tub. Use an oversized picture frame and use it to hang a soothing yet distinctive piece right above the tub. It is best to use a plain frame so that you highlight the artwork being displayed. Since the piece will be exposed to water and humidity, do place it so that there is enough space and add glazing to the frame to minimize any damages caused by water splashes.
  • Place a picture ledge right above the towel bar. This ledge can do double duty. It can be decorative and contain small-sized picture frames, candles and other décor. At the same time, you can also place some toiletries on this edge. The ledge should be approximately two-thirds or as long as the towel bar, with the ledge centered above it.
  • Place a vertical picture frame above the toilet. If you feel that your wall-space it too boring, add some color and dimension to it by incorporating a tall picture frame above the toilet. Ideally, the picture frame should be the same color as the toilet so that there is a sense of continuity between the frame and toilet. The frame should not be wider than the toilet tank. Be sure that there is some space between the frame and the toilet so that you can still add some toiletries and accessories on top of the toilet tank.
9th Feb 2017 Eric Morgan

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