Taking Care of Your Picture Frames

Photos, artwork and mirrors are made even better by well-selected picture frames. Picture frames can even be used as they are, with the glazing and backing removed. Victorian Frame Company’s quality vintage picture frames can be quick and easy decorative tools. With a little bit of TLC (tender, loving care, that is), you can make your picture frames last longer.

Here are some ways for you to take care of your wooden picture frames:

  • Hang it at the proper spot. Wood can be susceptible to warping when exposed to moisture and UV rays from the sun. The photo and artwork will also be susceptible to damage from these sources. Hang the picture frames well away from direct exposure to the sun, such as a spot which the sun’s rays can reach. Keep the frame away from heating or air conditioning vents as well. When storing the frames, wrap it in old newspapers, bubble wrap or a soft cloth. Store it in a cool and dry place. Mind you, this does not mean the attic or the basement, which can be highly moist environments. From time to time, check to see that the hanging mechanism is still intact and has not deteriorated over time.
  • Use the right hanging equipment and techniques. Picture frames need to be hung securely to prevent them from falling. Victorian Frame Company’s products come with hanging hardware that is easy to use. However, you will need wall-hanging hardware that is designed to hold up the overall weight of the frame. Do check the weight limit for the hanging hardware and weigh your frame to see whether you are getting the appropriate hardware. For instance, framed mirrors are heavier and will need more support. Then, be sure to follow instructions for mounting the hardware on the wall carefully. Another consideration would be the height and amount of traffic in the area where you will hang the frame.
  • Keep the frame away from hands and paws. If you have pets and kids, hang the frame well out of reach. Curiosity may take the better of kids and pets and they may try to reach for the frame. Keeping it well away from reach is also for your child’s or pet’s safety.
  • Clean the frame once in a while. Dust, grime and insects can damage the frame, so you need to check and clean these off the frame. Take the frame down rather than cleaning it while it is still hanging. Adding pressure to the hanging mechanism may cause it to break. You can use a feather duster to clear dust and cobwebs on the frame’s wood molding. Vintage picture frames have more elaborate wood molding design so you should make sure that all the crevices are cleared of dust. If you need to use a cleaner, spray on the cloth and not on the frame. This will prevent too much moisture from making its way into the interior of the wood molding. As an added precaution, you may need to remove the contents before you use any liquid cleaners on the frame. Otherwise, the liquid may seep into the photo.
  • Clean the glazing with care. The way you clean the glazing will depend on the kind of material the glazing is made of. Start by gently laying the frame facedown on a towel or soft cloth. Once you have removed the contents of the frame, put the backing, mounting board, photo and matting (if any) well away from your work area to prevent stray water or glass cleaner droplets from doing any damage. If the glazing is made of glass, use a soft cloth and a glass cleaner. If the glazing is made from acrylic, use only soap and water. Glass cleaner and paper towels may actually have an abrasive effect on the acrylic and once you have scratches, they will not come out. After cleaning the glazing, let it dry before putting everything back together in place.
17th Nov 2016 Eric Morgan

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