The Beauty and Charm of Antique Picture Frames

Antique picture frames have a beauty all its own. Antique frames take you back to those bygone days where craftsmen were committed to the creation of beauty. These frames feature gold or silver leaf ornamentation, scalloped borders, intricately carved edges that bear flowers, foliage, ribbons, even angels. When used wisely, these frames will add to the aesthetic value and impact of your photos.

When choosing antique or vintage picture frames, take note of the following guidelines:

  • Choose an antique picture frame that matches the theme of the photograph or the artwork. Of course, a modern picture or an abstract piece of artwork will only clash with a vintage frame. Antique picture frames work best with traditional pictures such as portraits or classic landscapes. You can even opt for an antique oval picture frame with convex glass for a more classical look.
  • Select a complementary frame color. The most common colors used for antique include gold, silver, white, mahogany or other “wood” colors. The choice of color depends on the predominant color of the photo or artwork, this is so the frame will serve to highlight the photo rather than detract from it. If you are going for a shabby chic style, you can also opt to distress the frame. This involves having two layers of colors where the top color (commonly white) is rubbed with sandpaper on selected sections of the frame to give an attractively worn –out look
  • Use matting when using ornately carved frames. Antique picture frames are distinguished by elaborate wood carvings. If this feature is too heavy or too “busy”, the picture frame can overwhelm the photo. Instead, go for a bigger frame but use another layer of matting so that you can add a frame within a frame and set off the picture.
  • Shine the spotlight on the frames. One approach is to ditch the photo or artwork and put an array of vintage frames as wall treatment. You can choose frames of different shapes and sizes but with the same texture or color. Or, go for the same frame shapes but in different sizes and colors. Another option is to place this display in a picture frame ledge, arranging the frames in an overlapping manner.
  • Use replica antique picture frames. Gothic frames, frames created during the Renaissance period or frames that are gilt with real gold or silver are somewhat rare, since these wooden frames are prone to damage and warping over time. A large number of these frames are already in churches, museums or in the homes of collectors. These are primarily hand crafted and used costly wood, since these frames evolved as another mark of wealth or royalty. In addition, authentic antique frames that are well-preserved and are in good condition will naturally cost an arm and a leg. But even if you do not have the budget, you can still enjoy the beauty and charm of these frames by getting replicas of these. At Victorian Frame Company, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to designs, shapes and sizes. These are well-made and hand-finished.
9th Mar 2015 Eric Morgan

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