The Gleam of Gold: Decorating with Gold Picture Frames

Give your room the luxe treatment with bits of gold accents – gold picture frames. These picture frames are excellent decorative elements that you can easily add and remove without committing too much. If you feel that the gold does not work well with the other colors in the room, you can easily remove the frames and transfer them to another room.

The Victorian Frame Company’s collection of vintage picture frames comes in a variety of gold finishes:

  • Champagne Gold. This is a textured finish that provides an interplay between different gold tones. The textures offer an antique “cracked and streaked effect”. This is hand-finished so that each frame is unique.
  • Burnished Gold. This is another textured finish but this time the mixtures of the gold tones are subtler, so that the look is one of old gold in the process of being polished.
  • Gold Spray. This features a solid, warm gold finish. The light gold simply gleams an ethereal glow.
  • Desert Gold. This is another solid gold finish with warm brown highlights that produce a soft and warm golden gleam.
  • Gold Leaf. This type of finishing mimics what the artisans created during the late 1800’s. The metallic gold leaf is applied by hand to produce a pleasant, old-world look and feel.

Using The Victorian Frame Company’s Gold Picture Frames

  • Use them on their own. The gold picture frames are gorgeous in their own right. You can take several of these empty picture frames – all in a similar shape and design and where the backing and glazing have been removed. Using a slim picture ledge, you can then lay the bigger frames against the wall. Layer some of the smaller frames over to add a sense of depth and texture to the wall.
  • Empty frame gallery display. Another take on the above concept is to take empty picture frames. Along with gold picture frames, get some silver, white and black picture frames included. These frames should be the same shape but in different sizes. You can hang these frames on the wall with the biggest frame holding the smaller frames inside. So you hang the biggest frame, place the second-biggest frame at its center and so on.
  • Gold frames and white sculptures. Pair a fanciful gold frame with white plaster sculptures for your nursery décor. The empty gold picture frame will nicely set off the white plaster sculptures of deer heads, sea creatures or elephants. Just be sure, though, that your wallpaper is of another pastel color so that it can effectively showcase the combination of frame and sculpture.
  • Frame your lighting. Add more visual impact to a chandelier or other hanging fixture by attaching an empty gold picture frame on the ceiling. Of course, the lighting should be properly centered. The light and the gold will provide an interesting interplay between them.
  • Home office chalkboard. Have a modern display for your office. You can paint one wall a dark matt shade, with the rest of the walls painted a neutral color. You can then add an empty oversized gold painting at the center of the wall. The gold finish adds an extra dose of oomph to the overall look of the office and keeps the atmosphere from becoming too stiff and formal. The frame can serve as a chalkboard.
5th Aug 2016 Eric Morgan

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