Top Tips for Buying Picture Frames Online

Picture frames are useful and versatile decorative tools – they can be used to display cherished family portraits, landscapes, mementos and other items. They can also hold mirrors. Others even use empty frames simply to add texture and visual interest to an otherwise drab wall.

And with Victorian Frame Company, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs from the comfort of your own home. The convenience of buying picture frames online only makes decorating your home all the more easier. However, you need to take note of a few reminders to ensure that your online purchase experience is a satisfactory one.

  • Know what you want. The number of choices available can be overwhelming if you do not narrow down your choices. Decide on the general features of what you want. Consider the following options: Style (modern, simple or vintage picture frames), shape (rectangular, oval or round picture frames), size and color. You should also decide whether you need a hanging mechanism or a stand at the back of the frame.
  • Decide on the level of conservation you need. Picture frames also work to protect your picture from the elements, such as dust and grime. However, you need to decide about the materials you will be using. There are UV-protective glazing options that shield the photo against the harmful rays of the sun. You can also consider using acid-free paper and backing so that you prevent acids from leeching into the paper and causing it to turn discolored and brittle. If your picture can be easily reproduced, such as when the picture has a digital file, you do not need to go overboard on the conservation level of the frame and its materials.
  • Choose your colors. Decide on the color of the frame and the matting. The Victorian Frame Company provides up to 3 color samples free of charge. You can check how the color looks and complements your overall color scheme. Popular colors include wood finishes such as cherry or birch, as well as classics such as white or gold. There are also a variety of frame finishes, such as gold or silver leaf and glossy or matte finishes. As for the matting, your choice of color can further enhance the overall look of the frame. If you are not sure about the matting, you can opt for a neutral color such as white or cream.
  • Look into the details. Picture frame moldings come in a wide variety of designs. For instance, antique picture frames present a number of choices – beading, pearls, flowers or leaf ornamentations and medallions.
  • Decide on the width of the frame. Frames can range from ¾ inch to 3 inches wide. It depends on the size of the photo as well – you do not want the frame to overpower the photo. The overall weight of the frame is also a consideration – since the wider the width the heavier the frame will be.
  • Match the photo frame and picture size specifications. It can be frustrating to buy a picture frame only to discover you got the wrong size. You need to match the size of the photo (i.e. its length and width) with the inner dimensions of the frame – this will be the opening where you will fit the photo. The good thing with The Victorian Frame Company is that you have a money-back guarantee in case you get the wrong sizes on the first try.
  • Go to one vendor for your picture frame needs. If you are buying by bulk, you can enjoy discounts, especially if you are ordering four or more frames of the same style, finish, shape and size.
  • Exercise care during assembly. Once your picture frames have arrived, give the frames a quality check to make sure that the frames have no flaws (dents or scratches). Check that all the Carefully lay down the glazing on a piece of thick cloth or towel as you prepare to fit it into the frame. Before you touch the glazing and matting, check that your hands are free of grime and oil. Otherwise, you might leave scuffmarks or oily fingerprints.
10th Jan 2016 Eric Morgan

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