Transforming Common Items into Treasures with Antique Picture Frames

Sometimes, all it takes is the right background to shine new light into common items you can usually see both in and outside of your home. These items can be transformed into treasures that are wall-décor worthy by simply adding the right matting and of course, by using a well-selected antique picture frame.

You see, vintage picture frames have their own brand of charm. Aside from landscapes and portraits, these frames can work its magic on everyday items, enabling you to make one-of-a-kind framed art that can beautify your walls and shelves.

Here are some ideas:

  • Pressed flowers. Are you proud of your garden? Sometimes, during the autumn and winter seasons, you miss the blooms that grace your garden beds. Well, take these blooms inside by creating a display that you can enjoy the whole year long. You can use your own garden blooms or take your pick of wild flowers that grow nearby. Choose flowers that can be easily flattened (either from the side or from the top). An ideal collection should feature a wide variety of shapes and colors, plus some leaves with interesting shapes. Take a dictionary (or any heavy book). On a napkin, arrange your flower heads. Wrap them carefully with the napkin, place them inside the book and slowly and carefully close the book. You may need to add weight to the book so that the flower heads will flatten nicely. Allow one week or so for the flowers to dry. Take a number of antique picture frames with a matte or glossy white finish. You may use white or a neutrally colored background for the matting and backing board. Once the flowers have dried, carefully take these from the book and transfer to the backing paper. Use some glue to keep the flowers and leaves in your preferred arrangement.
  • Twigs. Aside from flowers, you can also gather some twigs in your backyard. You can opt to leave the twigs in their natural colors or paint them in gold, white or silver. With twigs, you will need to use an empty antique picture frame. Glue the twigs securely at the back of the frame.
  • Wallpaper. If you would like a pop of color without having to paper your entire wall, you can place a bit of wallpaper into an oversized antique frame. If you have a limited budget, this will allow you to get that expensive wallpaper that you fell in love with without spending too much. The wallpaper should ideally feature classic or dainty designs so that it complements the antique picture frame. The resulting frames can grace your living room wall or serve as a beautiful headboard in your bedroom.
  • Fabric. Another alternative to wallpaper would be colorful fabric. If you have vintage scarves and handkerchiefs that you would like to preserve or a strip from a favorite dress you no longer wear, consider framing them. Make sure that these fabrics are washed and ironed prior to framing. Again, neutral-colored matting will serve to highlight the beauty of the fabrics.
  • Origami work. Creatively folded paper can add pops of bright color to your walls. Have some fun with your kids creating various origami shapes. Choose a complementary-colored cardstock and glue the origami shapes on it.
  • Foreign money and coins. If you have leftover currency from a foreign vacation or a collection of old coins, you can display these items, along with the name of the country. You can insert some postcards, stamps and other related curios. Check that you have enough rabbet depth to ensure that you are able to close the frame securely.
  • Antique jewelry. Old-fashioned jewelry such as brooches, earrings and necklaces may no longer suit your fashion style, but they can still look fabulous in a shadow box frame with antique frame moldings. You may use velvet fabric as a background.
  • Ticket collage. Are you the sentimental sort, one who likes to collect tickets for concerts, movies or entrance stubs to a theme park? You can mark and celebrate these experiences by creating a colorful collage of these tickets. Then, you can frame these. However, an antique picture frame may only work for tickets that have a classic, old-world design. For more modern ticket designs, a plain, black picture frame will be a better fit.
  • Paint sample cards. Do you still have the paint samples from your latest renovation project? You can take 35 of these cards and line them up 7 in a row, making sure that the cards are decoratively arranged. Glue these cards onto a piece of cardstock. Once this is framed, you now have a monthly calendar you can customize. You just need a dry-erase marker to mark the days, as well as the month’s schedule.
1st Apr 2016 Eric Morgan

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