Using Picture Frame Ledges for Your Gallery Display

A picture frame shelf is an excellent addition to your wall. It maximizes an otherwise empty space without having to poke holes in the wall every time you want to change the look of your display. With picture frame ledges, you are afforded the freedom to change your display anytime you want – even if it is just to rearrange the frames in the event that you are bored with the current setup.

Where to put the picture frame ledges

The picture frame ledge is a very versatile decorating tool. This can be placed in many areas of your home. You can install ledges on the main entry or foyer of the home, where an enticing display can add a welcoming atmosphere. You can place the ledges on the living room, specifically, above the fireplace mantle. Just make sure that the ledges are far enough from the heat so as to prevent any warping or damage on the frame and the pictures.

You can also place ledges on the dining room wall, where you can add framed quotations that add more of the ambiance while you dine. Inside bedrooms, you can add ledges above the dresser or on the wall beside the bed. Other places you can place the ledges include the hallway, kitchen, lounge or above your work desk.

Some considerations when using picture frame ledges:

  • Take note of the ledge’s capacity. The total weight of the frames and other decorative items should not exceed the maximum capacity of the ledge. Usually, this is noted in the ledge’s packaging. Avoid placing overly large frames or heavy items such as books. You can also increase the capacity of the ledges by adding reinforcement at the bottom.
  • Take note of the wall’s specifications. Aside from the capacity of the ledge, you also need to take note of the carrying capacity of the wall. Check that the wall is able to bear the total weight of the ledges as well as its contents. For concrete walls, you need to carefully bore the holes to ensure that the ledges will hold.
  • Choose your frames. These frames should be light enough to be carried by the ledges. Also, choose picture frames that bear the same design, such as vintage picture frames or modern picture frames.
  • Place the ledges at the right height. The center of the entire display should be at eye level. This means that if you want three levels, the middle ledge should be the one that is at eye level.

Some decorative principles for the frame

Here are some tips in arranging picture frames on the ledge:

  • Work on your presentation. Unlike gallery displays where you have to plot the layout of the frames on the wall, the ledges allow you to play around with how you arrange the frames. If you desire more than one row of frames, you can add one or more of these ledges as the wall space allows. Choose a look or theme that ties the whole presentation together. This prevents your display from looking disorganized and cluttered. You can choose frames of the same color – black or silver picture frames work very well with most interior décor.
  • Arrange the frames so that they overlap. Rather than putting the frames side by side, have them overlap to give texture to the presentation. The main or the largest picture frame should ideally be at the center.
  • Add other decorative elements. You can combine other items with photos, such as a vase with some flowers, some prints or other artwork or some postcards.
25th May 2015 Eric Morgan

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