Using Picture Frames for a Wedding

It’s that joyful season again! June is a favorite month for weddings. The spring atmosphere just does wonders for those in the marrying mood. For brides and friends who are looking for a fun and simple ways to create visual impact – look no further. You can do a lot of your shopping here at the Victorian Frame Company!

Yes, picture frames can be a great way to add to the aesthetics of your wedding décor. A little bit of creativity (plus a number of vintage picture frames or more contemporary ones, if you like) can go a long way with adding interestingly gorgeous details to the wedding. The good news is that picture frames are very practical. Long after the wedding, the couple or their guests can enjoy the picture frames as a lovely memento.

Here are some ways for you to use picture frames for a wedding:

  • Wedding pictorial prop. Have a bit of fun during the wedding pictorial with frames! These can be used in a variety of ways during the wedding pictorial. This can be used as part of the background, where the couple’s favorite photo is displayed. The couple can also act as the live subjects by posing for pictures using an empty picture frames. They can hold the frame up, hang the frame with ribbons or have the wedding entourage hold it up for them. Choose large silver picture frames, frames with elaborate molding designs or even more contemporary metal frames. You can also go for picture frames that are painted the exact shades as the wedding motif. Remember to avoid using picture frames that have thin moldings, as these may not photograph well. Wide frames are ideal as they effectively highlight the subjects inside.
  • Picture frames as décor. Here are some ideas:
    • Wall gallery display. At the entrance in the reception or behind the couple’s table, you can create a display of the couple’s prenuptial pictures. You can also display pictures of them growing up. You can add more decorative elements such as candles, flowers, ribbons and more.
    • Aisle décor. You can also incorporate picture frames in the aisles. With each row showing the couple’s favorite things or favorite places. Alternatively, the frames can “tell the couple’s story”
    • Frame chalkboard. Use chalkboard paint for the frame’s backing and get someone with really good handwriting to write messages on the chalkboard. You can display a message of welcome to guests as they enter the wedding venue, a well-loved quote or some instructions for the guests. At the reception, you can write down the menu.
    • Table décor. Frames can also be used during the reception. You can take a picture frame with elaborate molding designs and use it as a tray for holding candles or vases with flowers. Another idea would be to fill the frame with flower blossoms or petals.
    • Hanging décor. To create a three-dimensional effect, hang around 20 or so empty frames at key areas (such as above the sweetheart table).
  • Photo wall. Rather than having your guests take pictures in front of a backdrop, why not use empty frames installed in a fake wall so that the guests can have a fun photo booth. You can also provide some small frames for each table so that guests can enjoy taking selfies at the reception, with the frame as their prop.
  • Frames as seating cards. Use small picture frames to indicate where each guest is seated. The frame can also serve as their wedding favor.
19th Jun 2015 Eric Morgan

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