Wedding Décor using Picture Frames

‘Tis the season to be marrying! We all know that June is one of the most popular months couples select for their weddings. It provides the bright colors of summer and the perfect weather for an outdoor affair.

If you are getting married on this “marry” month of June, you can get a head start on the décor for your wedding. The Victorian Frame Company can be an excellent partner for your wedding décor requirements. You can be practical and go DIY with your decorations to minimize costs. What’s more, the picture frames you use are reusable and can be used in decorating your new home.

Here are some ideas for using picture frames as wedding décor:

Lights, mirrors and flower table centerpieces. Decorate your reception table with a mixture of lights, vases, flowers and flower petals and vintage picture frames that hold mirrors. With the framed mirror as your base, place a decorative vase at the center of the mirror. Arrange flowers in the vase. You may also sprinkle some real or silk petals on the mirror. Add some lights and crystals and you can create a romantic mirrored effect that doubles your décor. Take note, though, that some wedding reception venues do not allow the use of candles so be sure to ask. If candles are not allowed, you can use LED candles.

Aisle décor. Line the aisles with framed quotations or photos from your prenuptial shoot. Use small-sized round picture frames with ribbons tied at the back. You can then use the ribbon to attach the frame to the chair or pew. Add more ribbons to hold flowers, decorative pearls and other décor.

Table décor. When you opt to use picture frames as aisle décor, you can have them do double duty by bringing them to the reception area and adding them to your table décor. Be sure to check that the frame comes with a stand.

Lights and frames. For evening weddings, wrap some Christmas lights around empty oversized picture frames and use these to decorate the walkway heading towards the wedding hall or reception venue. You can paint the frames in the same color as your wedding motif and add some flowers at strategic areas in the frame. The lights give a warm and welcoming glow that is also romantic and dreamy. For indoor weddings, you can use the same concept to provide a backdrop for the area where you will stand during the wedding ceremony.

DIY Unity Sand Kit. Is the price of a Unity Sand kit to steep for you? You can make your own! All it takes is a choice of a shadow box frame that complements your wedding décor. Carefully pry off the top portion of the frame. Secure the glazing by gluing it at the edges and pressing it on the front of the shadow box. You can purchase colored sand from craft stores. After the ceremony, you can then seal the top of the sand with some melted wax so that the sand cannot be shaken and kept intact. Then, you can replace the top portion of the frame. The great thing about this “unity sand box” is that you can frame it on the wall.

Use Frames as Photo Booth Props. For your photo booth, hang an empty oversize vintage picture frame for a peek-a-boo effect. Have fun posing and crowding behind the frame. Another option is to take medium-sized frames that guests can hold up. When using picture frames for photo booth props, choose frames that are thick enough so that the frames will “pop” when the photos come out. A thin frame will not register well in photos.

15th Jul 2016 Eric Morgan

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