Why Use Black Picture Frames?

Black, when used wisely, exudes a timeless elegance with a contemporary look and feel. In interior decorating, black makes a strong, sophisticated statement. The same goes for picture frames. So why use black picture frames? Here are some reasons:

  • Black is versatile in style. Although black picture frames are usually associated with a sleek, modern look, black can also look very good in a variety of styles. You can find frames with simple and clean lines and curves. There are also more ornate versions, with more ornamentations round the frame. Black frames can also work to set off the overall design and look of a room, providing a great foil to modern, traditional or rustic home décor.
  • Black works well with all types of pictures. Indeed, black frames are very versatile and can go with almost all pictures, whether these are colored, black and white or sepia. There are even some who have tried framing black and white pictures and adding black matting to a black picture frame with very good results. However, it is necessary to remember that the pictures should be predominantly on the light shades. Dark colors framed in black may be a little overpowering for the pictures. Black frames also provide a good contrast for pictures of varying themes – whether these are formal portraits, colorful landscapes, family photos, still life, action photos and artwork.
  • Black goes with a wide variety of wall colors or treatments. Whether you have a painted wall or one that is exposed concrete, brick or stucco, black frames tend to blend beautifully and even serve to highlight the contrast to the color and finish of the wall.
  • Black frames are easier to mix and match. Black, after all, is a standard color. Unlike red, blue or green that have many shades, it is quite easy to find more black frames if you want to have a gallery of all-black frames. Even if you choose black with a variety of textures, molding designs and finishes, these frames can easy go with the others and not clash in style.
  • Black frames can also be used to display other items. Black picture frames can be used for artwork, beveled or flat mirrors and even diplomas or certificates. Black frames also work very well for those who want to frame their LCD television to achieve a “moving artwork” effect. You can also use black frames to offset and frame colored letters. This involves taking the glazing out and mounting your letter of choice. Displayed as a group of frames, these can be used to be a foil for letters that spell “family” or “love”.

At Victorian Frame Company, you have a wide choice of black picture frames in different shapes and sizes – black vintage picture frames, black round or oval picture frames and so on. These come in a variety of finishes, including glossy black (which has a higher sheen and more contemporary), rubbed black (which sports a more weathered look), matte black (which is less shiny and more “flat”) or black silver (which features a black base with a light silver spray at the top).

4th Jan 2015 Eric Morgan

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