Great Places for Your Home Photo Gallery Display

So what do you do with your collection of digital photos? Put them up your wall, of course. These photographs are glimpses of your family’s history and personality. After you carefully curated your collection, your choices should make their way to a cherished space in your home, where you and your guests can enjoy them and reminisce about captured moments of you and your family.

Here are some areas where you can display your photo collection:

  • Living room feature wall. This is the obvious choice. The living room is the area where you usually receive guests. It is also an area where a family can gather together during special occasions. The living room’s feature wall can be a larger-than-life display of family pictures using blow-ups. You can also have a flexible display using photo ledges. These ledges allow you to move the picture frames around. Keep the display from becoming monotonous by adding framed mirrors, monogram letters or other decorative elements.
  • Home office. Provide inspiration as you work in your home office by adding photos of your loved ones or a cherished holiday. You can have a shelf that combines these pictures with books and other decorative items. You can also have an “achievement wall,” which displays diplomas, certificates and one of your most important achievement – your family. This display can add personalization and character to the room.
  • Stairway. Make the most of the wide, empty walls in the stairway by adding picture frames. The ascending and descending steps can be used to show the changes in your family – the growth of the kids or additions in the family. With this set-up, you can include photos and portraits of life events such as weddings, major anniversaries and holidays. Make this a walk down memory lane by using vintage picture frames.
  • The bedroom. Turn your headboard into a display of your favorite things. If you are a fashion plate, you can display prints of fashion designer drawings. If you love to travel, feature shots of major places you have visited. If you love antiques, add black and white or sepia shots of antique items and frame these complete with convex glass.
  • Dining area. Enjoy the “scenery and ambiance” while you dine. You can have Andy Warhol-like prints of family portraits or landscape photos. These add a relaxing pop of color to the room.
  • The nursery. Chronicle your baby’s growth by having a gallery display in his own room. Be sure to hang the picture frames securely, to prevent the frames from falling. Better yet, you can have the photos printed in canvas screens, so you don’t have to worry about glass shards in case the frame falls.
  • Mantle piece. While you have chestnuts roasting on an open fire, enjoy a montage of picture frames in various sizes. You can also feature a recent family portrait above the mantle piece.
  • Corners. Are there corner walls in your house that jut out? This can be in the foyer, or the space in between the living room and dining area, or the kitchen and the dining area. You can add frames on both sides of that corner for a unique display.
27th Dec 2016 Eric Morgan

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